Purpose: Provides predictions made by the APACHE score (versions IV and IVa), including probability of mortality, length of stay, and ventilation days.

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Important considerations

  • APACHE defines actual hospital mortality by an admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) hospital disposition as “expired” or “dead”. ICU mortality is defined as a unit dispostion in the ADT system as “expired” or “dead”. Some patients will have more than one ICU admission. For each ICU admission the patient will have a disposition of either dead (expired) or alive.
  • Predicted mortality is the percent risk of death for an individual patient. This is displayed as decimal. The sum of every patient’s risk of death within the population of interest equals the number of deaths predicted in that population.
  • APACHE ICU length of stay refers to the number of days and partial days that a patient was in an ICU. Hospital LOS represents the total number of days and partial days that a patient was in the hospital during a unique hospitalization.
  • Patients with an ICU stay less than 4 hours, most transplant patients, burn patients, and patients less than sixteen years of age will be classified as non-predictive.

Table columns

Name Datatype Null Option Comment Is Key Stored Transformed Created
patientUnitStayID int NOT NULL a globally unique identifier (GUID) used as a foreign key link to the patient table FK C
apachePatientsResultsID int IDENTITY surrogate key for the APACHE patient results PK S
physicianSpeciality varchar(50) NULL Physician Specialty picklist value S
physicianInterventionCategory varchar(50) NULL Physician Intervention Category picklist value S
acutePhysiologyScore int NULL Acute Physiology Score from Apache API S
apacheScore int NULL Apache Score. Calculated from acutePhysiologyScore S
apacheVersion tinyint NOT NULL The version of the APACHE algorithm used to produce the apacheScore (e.g 3, 4) S
predictedICUMortality varchar(50) NULL Predicted ICU Mortality from Apache API S
actualICUMortality varchar(50) NULL Actual ICU Mortality S
predictedICULOS float(53) NULL Predicted ICU Length of Stay from Apache API S
actualICULOS float(53) NULL Actual ICU Length of Stay S
predictedHospitalMortality varchar(50) NULL Predicted Hospital Mortality from Apache API S
actualHospitalMortality varchar(50) NULL Actual Hospital Mortality S
predictedHospitalLOS float(53) NULL Predicted Hospital Length of Stay from Apache API S
actualHospitalLOS float(53) NULL Actual Hospital Length of Stay. Value is 50 when when > 50 days. S
preopMI int NULL Indicates if patient has pre –Operative Myocardial Infarction S
preopCardiacCath int NULL Indicates if patient has pre –Operative cardiac catheterization S
PTCAwithin24h int NULL 0/1. 1- Patient had PTCA with 24 hrs S
unabridgedUnitLOS float(53) NULL Actual ICU Length of stay S
unabridgedHospLOS float(53) NULL Actual Hospital Length of stay S
actualVentdays float(53) NULL Actual Ventilation days. Value is 30 when Actual Ventilation > 30 S
predVentdays float(53) NULL Predicted ventilation days from Apache API S
unabridgedActualVentdays float(53) NULL Actual Ventilation days S

Further reading

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