Purpose: Documentation relating to end of life care and discussions.

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  • PATIENT on patientUnitStayID

Important considerations

  • The Care Plan in eCareManager is used primarily as an intraprofessional communication tool. Variables related to care provider type and specialty, code status, prognosis, family/healthcare proxy, end-of-life discussions, and various therapies (sedation and analgesia therpaies, airway and ventilation status, and stress ulcer and deep vein thrombosis) can be documented on the Care Plan.

  • The End-of-Life Discussion section of the Care Plan allows for the care provider who had the discussion, the date/time of the discussion as well as free text comments describing the discussion to be documented.

Table columns

Name Datatype Null Option Comment Is Key Stored Transformed Created
patientUnitStayID int NOT NULL a globally unique identifier (GUID) used as a foreign key link to the patient table FK C
cplEolSaveOffset int NOT NULL number of minutes from unit admit time that the EOL discussion was entered C
cplEolDiscussionTime varchar(20) NULL time frame when the EOL discussion occurred: ‘midnight’, ‘morning’, ‘midday’, ‘noon’, ‘evening’, or ‘night’ T
cplEolDiscussionOffset int NULL number of minutes from unit admit time that the EOL discussion occurred C
activeUponDischarge varchar(10) NULL denotes if the EOL discussion was active upon discharge: True or False S
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