Purpose: Data provided in the respiratory chart includes offset, chart type (e.g. respiratory flow setting, vent data), and respiratory values.

Links to:

  • PATIENT on patientUnitStayID

Table columns

Name Datatype Null Option Comment Is Key Stored Transformed Created
patientUnitStayID int NOT NULL foreign key link to the patient table FK C
respChartID int IDENTITY surrogate key for the respiratory value PK C
respChartOffset int NOT NULL number of minutes from unit admit time for the respiratory value C
respChartEntryOffset int NOT NULL number of minutes from unit admit time that the respiratory value was entered C
respChartTypeCat varchar(255) NOT NULL picklist category type for the respiratory value e.g.: respFlowSettings, respFlowPtVentData, respFlowCareData, etc S
respChartValueLabel varchar(255) NOT NULL the picklist row label text from respiratory value e.g.: Bag/Mask (attached to O2), HR, I:E Ratio, etc. S
respChartValue varchar(1000) NULL The text that was entered manually or via a interface for the given Cell Type Val Label e.g.: in room, 102, 1:2.0, etc. S
eICU-CRD v2.0 documentation